Digital Photo Restoration

Do you have old family photos that you would love to show off but they’re in rough shape?  Baldwin Hill Art & Framing are your experts at digital photo restoration!  Whether it’s cracked, faded, spotted, or even broken in pieces we can fix it up and turn it back into a wonderful showpiece!  Since we’re also a full-service custom framing shop, we can frame your restored photo so it looks its best.

Come in with a faded family photo, walk out with a beautifully restored framed picture ready to hang!  Here are some examples of our work:

A simple restoration involving the removal of a single crease. Note that the area to the left of the crease is darker than the rest of the photo. We matched the tone of that area to the tone to the right of the crease before airbrushing the crease out.

A more involved restoration. People often attempt their own repairs on damaged photographs, in this case using transparent tape. There are three problems with this: first, the edges of the tape create lines across the picture. Second, the adhesives in the tape can discolor over time, further damaging the picture.  Finally, no tape is truly “transparent”, so the area under the tape will be shifted in tone from the rest of the picture.

This photo presented several challenges. First, it was mounted to a board that had literally broken in two, so we had to scan the pieces separately and piece them together before proceeding with repairs. Second, this photo features the forerunner of Facebook tagging: the names of several subjects were written on the photo itself. The customer wanted a cleaner photograph without the writing. We repaired the cracks, smoothed out the tone, and eliminated the handwriting. You may notice the photo is still a bit faded on the upper left; customers often want to retain a small amount of fading or mottling to give the photo an “antique” feel. In this case, too, we retained the original sepia tint of the photo. Some customers prefer this, others prefer crisp black-and-white.

Color photographs present additional challenges. Color photos are made with three dye layers: red, yellow, and blue. These different dyes can fade at different rates over time, causing color shifts. Depending on the type of film or paper, colors typically shift towards purple or green. We can fix this too, bringing back healthy flesh tones and vibrant colors!