Custom Framing

Framing a surgical instrument

Surgical instrument in a shadowbox frame

Framing isn’t just for artwork anymore. You can frame just about anything! Whether it’s artwork, needlework, jigsaw puzzles, flowers, surgical instruments, military medals, or just about anything else we can create a custom display that will show it off at its best!

The right frame complements the artwork and harmonizes it with its surroundings. Wide, thick and embellished with eye-catching motifs or reed slim, sleek and almost invisible – picture frames are as limitless in style and coloration as the artworks they complement!

So how can you ever decide among this assortment of materials and styles?

First, the frame should be compatible with the work itself. The frame should also enhance the picture and should never overwhelm it. Simplicity is generally the rule. The exception is art from earlier periods of history: pick a frame style from the same period as the art.

Next, consider where the art will be displayed. Select a frame that is at home with the room. The more formal the room, the more formal-looking the frame and the more symmetrical the placement and arrangement should be. A casual room can accommodate more colorful framing styles and more unusual or exciting groupings than a formal room.

Finally, let your own taste be your guide. We often like to tell customers that there are no “wrong answers” in framing, just differences in taste. We can help you choose a design that you will love!

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