Gallery of Frames

Here are just a few examples of our work

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Grand Canal, Venice.
Reproduction stretched canvas with 3″ wood moulding and linen liner. Linen liners serve the same purpose as mats when framing canvases: they provide a visual break between the canvas and the frame, and they provide space between the canvas and the glazing (if used)
This is a reproduction of the famous Metropolitan Opera poster designed by Marc Chagall. The customer wanted to commemorate having seen the opera in both New York and Vienna. The playbill and ticket stubs from the Vienna performance are on the left, and from the New York performance on the right. This image is the famous Balancement by Wassily Kandinsky. Look closely and you’ll see that this is not a print but a jigsaw puzzle! We have a variety of fine-art jigsaw puzzles available for sale, and we can frame the finished puzzle to your taste.
This is by far the oldest piece we have framed so far: an original fifteenth-century church choir page. The page has writing on both sides, so we created a two-sided frame with the page suspended in the middle. Below the page are two windows with a Latin transcription of the text and an English translation. This is a reproduction of an 1875 map of the Town of Natick. It is framed with a textured green top mat and metallic gold bottom mat, with a gold-finished wood frame. Woman With Cat by
Pierre-Auguste Renoir. This is a fine art print framed with a green fabric mat, rose gold fillet, and gold frame. A fillet in a window mat can be a nice addition to a frame design, creating a “frame-within-a-frame” effect.
Custom hinged triptych: “Words of Wisdom” from parents to their children. We typeset and printed the text as well as constructing the frames. This is a fine example of object mounting. This is a surgical instrument, balloon stent, three photos, and corporate logo all mounted in a custom cherry shadowbox.