Mary C. Dawson

two charcoal drawings

Balance and Rainy Day by Mary Dawson

Mary C. Dawson was born in Somerset, PA in 1917, but lived most of her life in Cambridge, MA. In her early twenties, she studied art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, now Carnegie Mellon University. She died in 2008. These two images were brought in by her daughter for framing, who graciously gave us permission to make and sell greeting cards of them.

Adrienne Dejoie

two parent penguins snuggling with a baby in front

four white birds on blue landscape with pink sky

Four Birds by Adrienne Dejoie

Adrienne Dejoie was born in 1932 Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She immigrated to the United States to marry Dr. Saul Gurevitz in 1956 and began painting shortly thereafter, encouraged by her husband. Dejoie works in the Haitian primitif style, using primarily acrylic paint to depict human figures and birds in landscape. She retired to Arizona in 1995 where she still lives and paints. Some of her work may be viewed at Medalia Art.

Virginia Fitzgerald

an image of dress carved into bacon fat in a cast iron skillet

From Virginia Fitzgerald’s Daily Dress Series

5 cards with images of dresses drawn in different media, from cappuccino foam to pebbles on a beach

cards of Virginia Fitzgerald’s Daily Dress Series

Virginia Fitzgerald received a BFA from Kenyon College, where she concentrated in printmaking and soft sculpture/fiber arts. She also studied art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the School of Visual Arts in New York. She currently lives and works in Natick, MA, as a fiber artist, photographer, and painter. Visit her website or follow her on facebook. In early 2014, a show of Fitzgerald’s work was on view at Baldwin Hill Art & Framing and prints and cards are still available for purchase.

Theresa Gorman-Kahler

two pen and ink cards with fanciful images of a seahorse, ferns, and ferries

Pen and Ink Illustrated Cards by Theresa Gorman-Kahler

Theresa Gorman-Kahler grew up exploring the woods that surrounded her Pennsylvania home.  Though her degree is in art history and she studied color and light at the Worcester Art Museum, she is largely self taught. Gorman-Kahler’s main media are pen and ink, though she also make paintings and murals. Much of her work draws inspiration from the perspective of crickets and other tiny things.  See her website to see examples, learn more, or commission a work. Greeting cards of her work are available for sale from Baldwin Hill Art & Framing.

Via Perkins

a forest scene left and a hooded figure on the right

Two photos by Via Perkins


Via Perkins has a BA in music with a minor in photography from Salem State University. In addition to working at Baldwin Hill since her graduation, Perkins is a freelance artist of many disciplines, including music, photography, and writing. Her most notable work includes her “Invincibility” EP on iTunes, an east coast tour with Keynote band Young Isaac, photographic awards from both Salem State University and Art Institute of Boston, and a multi-disciplinary Commonwealth Honors thesis on biraciality, presented at Salem State University and UMass Amherst. Check out her music at Pure Volume and examples of her photography on flickr.

Richard Powers

a black and grey abstract piece

A Shadowbox by Richard Powers

by Richards Powers

by Richards Powers

Richard Gorman Powers (1921-1996) was a prolific artist who revolutionized mid 20th Century science fiction illustration by introducing surrealist and abstract influences. After studying art in college and as a soldier in World War II, he began his illustration career as a young married professional in New York. He eventually produced over 1200 cover illustrations, as well as a substantial body of fine art. He was influenced by Pablo Picasso and Yves Tanguy and experimented with many different media–from oil paints early in his career, to acrylic paints which he used for commercial work, to automobile lacquers on wooden doors. In addition to his art, he had a family of four children, often traveled internationally, enjoyed tennis, and worked all his life on an unfinished novel. Working to the last, he died of a stroke at age 75. Baldwin Hill Art & Framing has had the privilege of representing his estate in the sale and reproduction of original fine art pieces since 2012.

Leslie Safford

6 red and pink necklaces made of Venetian Glass hang on a stand like a female torso, wrapped in pink

Jewelry by Leslie Safford

two cards, one saying Valentine with a branching leafy drawing beneath and the other of red painted flowers

Cards by Leslie Safford

Leslie Safford is a native of Vermont. An editor, writer, and musician, she’s recently returned to her first love—art. She finds inspiration in medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and paintings, travel, nature, and an inherited sense of whimsy. In both painting and beaded jewelry, she enjoys experimenting with colors, shapes, scale, and patterns in a variety of materials and media. Email her at Jewelry and note cards made by Safford are available for purchase from Baldwin Hill Art & Framing.


a painting of a serene purple horselike creature, on a gold background

by Tamu

abstract grey and black image with grey mat

by Tamu

Tamu is the artist name for Tamara Gurevitz, who worked for many years in computer science until deciding to pursue art. She holds an MFA in Visual Arts from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.  Tamu’s work explores aspects of myth and science and she works in a variety of media, from painted works, to digital imaging, to mixed media and clay sculptures. Check out galleries of her work and more information at her website.

Earle Weiss

Blue Heron by Earle Weiss

Blue Heron by Earle Weiss

Rhody by Earle Weiss

Rhody by Earle Weiss

Earle Weiss has had a long and productive career in pulmonary medicine both as a practicing and a teaching physician.  The author of many articles on respiratory health and infection,  he has also received many awards for his work, including the Chadwick Medal from the Massachusetts Thoracic Society.  After a life in medicine, Weiss turned to art. Frequent walks around Lake Waban in Wellesley, Massachusetts inspired him to capture the beauty of the physical world.  He takes photos of landscapes, botanicals, and other subjects, then digitally alters their images for an impressionistic effect. For more information about his medical career, check out his website.