Richard M. Gorman Powers – June 2012 


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Reproduction prints of most artworks are available on request.





Painting #01

Pen on Mat Board.

Image size 23 3/4"W x 15"T.

Matted to 30”W x 20”T.

Framed with glass to

33.5"W x 23.5"T.

Signed “Gorman Powers 1974” LL.



Painting #02 - "Rehoboth Beach"

Paint on Hardboard.

Image size 20 1/8"W x 19 1/4"T.

Matted to 28 1/8"W x 27 1/4"T.

Framed with glass to 33"W x 31"T.

Text on back "Dec 6 '80 Rehoboth", signed “Gorman Powers” LL.



 Painting #04 - triptych

Paint on Paper Mounted to Foamcore - Three small images mounted to foamcore.

Overall image size 43"W x 32 1/2"T.

Floated on foamcore to

42 ½”W x 32”T..

Framed in shadowbox without glass to 44”W x 33 ¼”T x 1 ¾”D.

Not signed.



Painting #06

Paint on Paper Mounted on Foamcore.

Image size 10 3/4"W x 8 1/2"T.

Matted with floating mat to

23"W x 20"T.

Float framed with glass to

23 ¾”W x 21”T x 1 ¼”D.

Not signed.


Painting #07 - "Coral Shoals Haiti"

Paint on Board.

Image size 48"W x 20"T.

Float framed to 50"W x 22 1/4"T.

Signed "Gorman Powers '68" LR.



Painting #14 – “After the Hurricane”

Paint on Door Section.

Image size

28"W x 12 1/4"T x 1 3/8"D.

Float framed to

29 ½”W x 13 ¾”W x 2”D.

Text on back "After the Hurricane Negril Jamaica".

Not signed.








Painting #15 - "Druid God"

Paint and Mixed Media on Mat Board.

Image size 16 3/8"W x 10"T.

Floated on foamcore to

21”W x 15”T.

Framed in shadowbox with glass to

23”W x 16 ¾”T x 1 ¾”D.

Accompanied by handwritten note that states "Druid god Zeppo Astrozoaster (?) putting a curse on the sassenoch (?).  For the record, the curse did not work, and now this bum Zeppo god is permanently out of work.  Let other better gods take note."

Not signed.

Available at later show date TBA.


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Painting #19 - "Eric E. Ward's Place Fall 1978"

Paint on Hardboard.

Image size 19 1/4"W x 20"T.

Framed to 22 ¾”W x 23 ¼”T.

Text on back "Near Eric E. Ward's Place - Rt. 30 VT. Fall 1978", not signed.




Painting #20 - "Port Antonio 1970"

Paint on Hardboard.

Image size 20"W x 18 1/8"T.

Framed to 22 “W x 20”T.

Text on back "The Caribbbean (sic) at Port Antonio Hurricane Sea", signed “Gorman Powers 70” Center Bottom.



Painting #24

Paint on Mat Board.

Image size 8 3/4"W x 12 1/2"T.

Framed to 11”W x 14 ½”T.

Not signed.




Painting #29

Paint on Hardboard.

Image size 23 1/8"W x 20 1/8"T.

Framed to 26 1/4 “W x 23”T.

Not signed.



Painting #34

Paint on Paper Mounted to Pine Board.

Image size 13 1/2"W x 9 1/8"T.

Framed to 14 ½”W x 10 ¼”T.

Not signed.




Poster for “Richard Powers: Public & Private”.

Image size 12”W x 18”T.



Print #01

“Vintage Nantucket”

Reproduction Print on Paper.

Image size 22 ½”W x 16 ¾”T




Poster #01 – Galeria Macarron Jovellanos 2, Madrid

Image size 15”W x 17”T.

Framed with glass to 16”W x 18”T.

Unframed copies available for $25.